Staff Biography

Dr Steven Howlett is a Senior Lecturer in the Business School. He currently convenes the postgraduate module Organisations and the Business Environment and contributes at the undergraduate level to the modules including Ethics, Organisations and Society and Managing Organisations and Managing Operations.

Steven also chairs the Learning and Teaching Advisory Group in the Business School, a body responsible for maintaining an overview of practice and standards within the school.

Prior to working at Roehampton Steven was Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Volunteering Research where he was involved in many projects looking at the profile of volunteering, the management of volunteers and polices towards volunteering.

Steven’s research interests are managing voluntary organisations and volunteers. Steven completed a project to evaluate the impact of volunteer-led reading groups in prisons for the Prison Reading Group initiative at the University of Roehampton. He also completed a project funded by the Grundtvig programme for lifelong learning. This project involved working with partners in the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and Italy to produce a publication outlining different ways to assess the employability skills gained by students through volunteering. Also completed has been a project to assist Claire House Children’s Hospice review its volunteer programme and a survey of volunteers in children’s hospices for Together for Short Lives.

Steven’s perspective is to acknowledge that volunteering often needs some organisations, but that over-formalisation when left unexamined can threaten that elusive thing, the ‘spirit of volunteering’. This was a theme pursued in the book Volunteering and Society in the 21st century, which he co-authored with Colin Rochester and Angela Ellis Paine.

Steven has provided keynote addresses on volunteering in Japan and South Africa and in 2011 shared a platform with Lester Salamon at the IAVE conference in Singapore to present a session on measuring global volunteer trends.

PhD Students
Steven is currently supervising Paola Raffaelli in her study of social economies in the UK and Argentina

Research interests
Steven’s research interests are in volunteering and volunteer management, managing voluntary organisations and the impact of voluntary action.

Steven has recently finished projects to evaluate volunteer-led prison reading groups, to produce a booklet reviewing tools for assessing skills gained from volunteering, a review of a hospice volunteer programme and a survey of volunteers in children’s hospices.

Consultancy experience
Steven has consultancy experience include working for:

  • 2009 Turn2us to assess how to reach people in need of advice and financial help
  • 2010 NCVO to evaluate the National Support Service streams funded through Capacity Builders
  • 2012 Evaluation of prison reading groups for the Prison Reading Group project at the University of Roehampton
  • 2012/13 Review of the volunteer programme for Claire House Children’s Hospice
  • 2013 Survey of volunteers in children’s hospices for Together for Short Lives

  • In press At the sharp end of the credit crisis: A profile of Valleys Credit Union, Cato MS, Myers J and Howlett S, Local Economy
    2010 Developing Volunteer Management as a Profession Voluntary Sector Review 1(3):355-61
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    1999 Volunteering for Blair: The Third Way (with Mike Locke), Voluntary Action, 1(2): 67-76

  • Books

    2010 Volunteering and Society in the 21 Century, Colin Rochester,.Angela Ellis Paine and Steven Howlett, S Basingstoke: Palgrave ISBN 978-0230-21058-5
    2009 Volunteering in Hospice and Palliative Care, Steven Howlett and Ros Scott (editors) Oxford: Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-954582-7

    Book chapters

    2013 “Facilitating volunteering as leisure: How not to take the fun out of everything” , Leisure in Mind: meanings motives and learning, Elkington S and Gammon S(eds) London: Routledge
    2001 “Users: At the Centre or the Sidelines?” with Mike Locke and Paul Robson in Margaret Harris and Colin Rochester (eds), Voluntary Organisations and Social Policy in Britain. Perspectives on Change and Choice Basingstoke: Palgrave

  • Published research reports

    2013 Carling, R and Howlett, S (2013) Shining a spotlight on children’s hospice volunteers: Report of a survey conducted for Together for Short Lives. Bristol: Together for Short Lives
    2008 The Work of Volunteer Centres in Essex Report drawing out issues from nine Volunteer Centre Impact Surveys. Chelmsford Volunteer Centre, Essex
    2008 Lending a hand to leading a hand: the role and development of Volunteer Centres as infrastructure to develop volunteering in England  Paper delivered to the Volunteering Infrastrucre and Civil Society Conference Aalsmeer Nethernads 24-25 April and published by CEV
    2008 Volunteering and its unintended consequences: Contribution to booklet in ESRC Seminar Series ‘Mapping the Policy Landscape’. Title of whole booklet is ‘Active Citizenship and Community Relations in Northern Ireland’ ESRC, Swindon
    2007 Volunteering Works. Volunteering and Social Policy. Mick Ockenden, Angela Ellis Paine. Steven Howlett, Cathy McBain, Simon Teasdale, Joanna Machin and Meta Zimmeck. London, Institute for Volunteering Research
    2006 Evaluation of  INVOLVE  Involvement of Third Country Nationals in Volunteering As a Means of Better Integration.CEV Brussels
    2005 Volunteering in Museums, Libraries and Archives. Steven Howlett, Gertrud Malmersjo and Joanne Machin , Institute for Volunteering Research, London
    2004 Volunteering for All? Exploring the links between volunteering and social exclusion Angela Paine Steven Howlett, Jan O’Brien,  Institute for Volunteering Research, London
    2003 “Millennium Volunteers: Förderung des burgerchaflichen Engagements von Jugendlichen in Grossbritannien” in Enquete-Kommission ‘Zukunft des Burgerscahftlichen Engagements’ Deutscher Bundestag (Hrsg.), Burgerschaftliches Engagement und Sozialstaat  (Opladen: Leske + Buurich)
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