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The University of Deusto is a Spanish private university owned by the Society of Jesus, with campuses in Bilbao and San Sebastián, and the Deusto Business School branch in Madrid. The University of Deusto is the oldest private university in Spain (it was created in 1886). Its motto is “Sapientia melior auro” (Knowledge is better than gold), and aims to make a contribution to society from a university perspective and from a Christian vision of reality.

The University’s Mission seeks to develop faith, justice and culture in constant dialogue with religious, cultural or social actors, whose cooperation has a bearing on peace, justice, harmony, human rights and respect. It aims at training free individuals, responsible citizens and competent professionals equipped with knowledge, values and abilities that will enable them to engage in the promotion of knowledge and the transformation of society. The University of Deusto is striving for internationalisation, and demonstrates a clear commitment to Europe and Latin America, having signed agreements with more than 200 universities. Approximately 1,300 students and 50 professors take part in mobility programmes. The faculties, institutes and schools are also involved in intensive programmes, European modules and joint curricular designs at various levels, as they participate in cross-border activities, integrated languages, ODL and Leonardo programmes.

Currently the university consists of six faculties and schools:

  • Faculty of Social and Human Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Theology
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Deusto Business School
  • Faculty of Psychology and Education



Unibertsitate Etorbidea, 24, 48007 Bilbo, Bizkaia (+34)944 13 90 00


The Pedro Arrupe Institute of Human Rights


The Pedro Arrupe Institute of Human Rights is an independent, non-profit academic institution created in 1997 and affiliated to the University of Deusto. Currently, the institute’s team is composed by 20 academics that work with the aim of creating a human rights culture, from a university perspective and a marked social and international approach.

The Institute is mainly focused on three priority areas: Humanitarian action and human rights- crises and humanitarian conflicts; migrations, integration and social cohesion and cultural diversity and human rights, citizenship and multiculturality. Inside those areas, it develops numerous activities through teaching, research, awareness raising and social impact actions. Therefore, the institute is actively engaged on a wide range of undertakings; such as Master’s and PhD programmes, research projects and contracts, publications, technical advisory services for social organisations, assessment for Basque institutions or direct political actions. This activity is mainly focused

By being critical with social realities and committed to changing them; being open to networking with organisations, etc. that pursue the same objectives in the international arena; formed by a team committed to the values it fosters; and being endowed with a structure that boosts its members’ professional development, the Institute strives to become a benchmark organisation in promoting human rights in Spain and abroad driven by values such as social justice, solidarity, responsibility, team spirit and professionalism.


Avda. de las Universidades 24

48007 Bilbao

Tel.: 944 139 102

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